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Fred Aknin Director

Fred Aknin



For the love of the fashion business, it's hard work, challenging moments and the collision with Fred's favourite things, dj's and house music, formula one, architecture, style and family. Many great experiences by Fred have crafted his passion and love of style. From the first new wave performance to the many varied friendships with some the iconic artists of our time, create the fabric that is Fred. "My greatest accomplishments will always be friendships forged doing what I love to do. Only eclipsed by the love of my very special family. The term "maverick," originally meaning an unbranded calf, comes from Texas rancher Samuel Augustus Maverick who, following the American Civil War, decided that since all other cattle were branded, his would be identified by having no markings at all. Even the signatures on paintings of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci can be viewed as an early branding tool.

Arshnoor Manavi Right hand lady

Arshnoor Manavi

Right hand lady


Arshnoor has been involved in the fashion industry since 1994. She started in retail sales, progressing to merchandising, managing, buying and consulting. In 2005, Arshnoor joined Bigtime bringing her extensive retail background to the wholesale side of the industry. Arshnoor's experience has allowed her to build and grow strong relationships with the agency's clients resulting in growth in both agency and client business.